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a hawk and a hacksaw

you have already gone to the other world

lm dupli-cation


Released: 1st Apr 2013



Released: 1st Apr 2013


the band’s most dynamic album since they began their Eastern European adventure, with the thundering percussion & dramatic arcs of violin on the title track counterpointed by majestic solo pieces for Persian Santur & piano & stately organ-led processionals.

the 6th album from the duo of Jeremy Barnes (neutral milk hotel) & Heather Trost, Takes its cues from the surreal folk magic of Paradjanov’s 'Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors' & features 7 originals along with 9 traditional eastern eurpoean songs re-imagined & arranged & there are original sound & melodies from the film woven throughout. Produced by deerhoof's John Dieterich, this is their first album for some time to feature only the duo themselves (with the exception of 2 tracks where Dietrich lends guitar), but Dieterich’s sense of musical experimentation has driven the group into new territories of folk psychedelia that explodes with rich ornamentation.


you have already gone to the other world