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Lower Plenty

Hard Rubbish

fire records


Released: 27th Mar 2013


2lp + download

Released: 1st Apr 2013


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melbourne-based 4 piece rise from the australian underground with their beautifully melancholy, suburban-country music.

a departure from the harsher sounds of their other projects (deaf wish, uv race, total control etc), lower plenty create raw & delicate music, recorded on 8-track reel-to-reel tape, often in just a single take. their folk-tinged indie rock is flecked with experimentation whilst retaining a firm hold on some fantastically memorable melodies. with a non-traditional set-up of two guitars, drums & processed percussion with four vocals, they take you on an emotionally wrought & very exciting ride. both formats include the debut album ‘mean’ released only on cassette in 2010. "... a whispered twilight haze that sets the record firmly in its realm of late night depressions, early morning blues & aimless heartbreak" mess'n'noise.

dan recommends : "bleak suburban country music. a broken, melancholy take on loneliness & isolation occasionally tempered with a weirdly nostalgic warmth".

Hard Rubbish


  1. Work In The Morning
  2. Strange Beast
  3. Dirty Flowers
  4. Nullarbor
  5. Grass
  6. Friends Wait
  7. How Low Can A Punk Get
  8. White Walls
  9. Close Eno