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David Ford




Released: 18th Mar 2013


LP + cd

Released: 18th Mar 2013


ford's emotionally direct & stylistically eclectic songs draw on powerful strands of americana, rock, blues & big band music.

a radio diet of memphis soul, new orleans jazz & new jersey rock n roll informed this album, which finds plenty of interesting directions without losing ford's personality in the blend of styles. 'pour a little poison' is a witty & confident acoustic blues number replete with wailing harmonica; 'the ballad of miss lily' adds a dirty southern stomp to proceedings, balancing the effect of ballads like 'isn't it strange' & 'philadelphia boy' are rugged & emotional, stripped back acoustic guitar & piano ballads, his voice taking on just the right amount of grit to deliver the lyrics' blows, the latter touched with beautiful early-tom waits style strings.



  1. Pour A Little Poison
  2. The Ballad Of Miss Lily
  3. Isn't It Strange?
  4. Let It Burn
  5. Philadelphia Boy
  6. Moving On
  7. What's Not To Love
  8. Perfect Soul
  9. Throwaway
  10. Every Time