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The Besnard Lakes

Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO



Released: 1st Apr 2013


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Released: 1st Apr 2013


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while this offering is even more expansive, dreamy & spacious than their previous output, it is still attentive to the most subtle & nuanced details which makes for another absolutely gorgeous record.

their 4th album features heavyweight additions by Moonface’s Spencer Krug & Mike Bigelow, The Barr Brothers’ Sarah Page, the always enchanting Monica Guenter & the return of The Fifth String Liberation Singers’ Choir. Each of the 8 tracks on the album takes off, coasts & lands smoothly, with a jubilant slowburn of its own momentum. They create a distinct & dreamy headspace, an enigmatic & somehow familiar placelessness & you'll find yourself immersed in the generous, timeless sonic vision. “A magnificently oceanic meld of Beach Boys harmonies, My Bloody Valentine tidal waves & Phil Spector girlgroup siren songs shot through with soaring guitar” - Rolling Stone.

Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO


  1. 46 Satires
  2. And Her Eyes Were Painted Gold
  3. People Of The Sticks
  4. The Specter
  5. At Midnight
  6. Catalina
  7. Colour Yr Lights In Alamogordo