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thee oh sees

floating coffin

castle face

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Released: 8th Apr 2013


a gnarlier, heavier side of the extraordinarily prolific band, with some juicy synth action joining the party.

it's always refreshing to hear a band so committed to releasing a bountiful output with such a consistent quality of music purveying each release. the band that made 2012’s engrossing 'putrifiers ii' seems like a distant cousin to the one delivering ‘floating coffin’—arguably the most varied & textured oh sees record to date. 'thumb buster' is wonderful echo-drenched garage, framing the chilled vocal harmonies around bursts of guitar noise & little fretboard scrambling, scribbly licks. 'minotaur' moves from velvets drones to elvis country tones & back again while 'i come from the mountain' & 'maze fancier' are back to the chugging, noisy garage we know & love them for.

floating coffin