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Alessi's Ark

the still life

bella union


Released: 15th Apr 2013

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lp + cd

Released: 23rd Apr 2013


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alessi’s lilting, folk-tinged songs are lifted to new heights with brilliant flashes of orchestral pop.

a work both lucid & heartbreakingly lovely, exploring themes of travel, adventure & personal revelation in a sonic landscape that roams a wide range of emotions. for this album alessi laurent–marke says "i wanted to create a musical landscape that varied in sound, but an overriding feeling of 'stillness' remained throughout the album. i also wanted to step back from playing acoustic guitar & immerse the songs in very different sound settings from previous recordings". a sense of warmth is all over 'the still life'; in the shimmering production, in the players’ performances & in the slow, sweet sway that underlies all the album tracks.

the still life


  1. Tin Smithing
  2. Veins Are Blue
  3. The Rain
  4. The Good Song
  5. Big Dipper
  6. Afraid Of Everyone
  7. Those Waves
  8. Whatever Makes You Happy
  9. Sans Balance
  10. Mountain
  11. Hands In The Sink
  12. Money
  13. Pinewoods