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The Lovely Eggs

if you were fruit (deluxe version)


limited (500 only) pink & green "watermelon" lp + download

Released: 24th Jul 2020


reissued with extra tracks & for the first time on vinyl, their 2009 debut showcases all the magic of their unique, funny, sad, moving, bewildering & beautiful sound.

the blend of quirky lyrics & distorted grunge guitar on 'if you were fruit' won people's hearts & captured their imaginations equally, cementing their ongoing status as one of the most genuinely exciting & essential bands around today. includes the hit tracks 'have you ever heard a digital accordion?' & 'i like birds (but i like other animals too)'. also included are 4 extra bonus tracks from their first e.p. 'have you ever heard the lovely eggs?'.

if you were fruit (deluxe version)


  1. Sexual Cowboy
  2. I Like Birds (But I Like Other Animals Too)
  3. Mices
  4. Luna Café
  5. Where's My Animal?
  6. If You Were Fruit
  7. Oh the Stars
  8. ODEath
  9. Have You Ever Heard a Digital Accordion?
  10. Big Red Car
  11. Baulk Cushion
  12. Hey There Woodsman!
  13. The Best Moon This Side of Town
  14. America
  15. I Collect Snails
  16. I Want To Fall Off My Bike Today
  17. I Want To Be In Your Fire
  18. Oh Weird Heart