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gabriel bruce

love in arms

luv luv luv


Released: 6th May 2013


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Released: 27th May 2013


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the former loverman member delivers a dramatic, thrilling & slightly sinister sounding debut solo album.

He's not shy about sharing his influences & cites Iggy, bowie, dave sitek & julian casablancas as people he “stole from” but he carves a sound that is quite distinct & very much his own. "His voice suits all manner of musical styles, on ‘Perfect Weather’, he builds to a climactic wail; he’s a seductive sleaze on album track ‘Zoe’ & tortured crooner on ‘All That I Have’" - line of best fit.


love in arms


  1. Dark Lights Shine Loud
  2. Honey Honey Honey
  3. Sleep Paralysis
  4. Greedy Little Heart
  5. El Musgo
  6. Zoe
  7. Cars Not Leaving
  8. All That I Have
  9. If Only in Words
  10. Perfect Weather
  11. Sermon on the Mount