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Memphis Industries


Released: 29th Apr 2013


2lp + download

Released: 29th Apr 2013


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this expansive, ambitious & gloriously rich album incorporates the pastoral calm of alt-country & freak folk as well as the cool passion & sonic wanderlust of indie rock.

from opener ‘black mould’ (perhaps the first motorik influenced song about respiratory problems induced by inadequate building standards in new zealand) to the 18 minute closing behemoth ‘friendly society’ (almost certainly the only psychedelic epic named after the quaker movement), ‘fandango’ is un-coy about its lofty ambitions in an age of digital disposability. the album draws on the band’s collective love of the rock canon (dr john, black sabbath, the carpenters, can, talk talk, elo, television), but also from some of music’s more obscure corners (krautrock, kosmische & other progressive music from '70s europe & japan). check the balladeering yacht rock of ‘sideways glance’, the end-of-the-party psych-folk of ‘modern rock’, & ‘the captain’, a 3-minute slice of melancholic melodic joy. "psych-leaning haze-pop" - uncut.



  1. Black Mould
  2. Modern Rock
  3. The Captain
  4. Thames Soup
  5. Evolution Did
  6. Inside Me Dead
  7. Corale
  8. Supernatural
  9. Walls
  10. Morning Riff
  11. Sideways Glance
  12. Friendly Society