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white fence

cyclops reap

castle face


Released: 13th May 2013



Released: 6th Jun 2013


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the ever prolific psychedelic wizard unleashes a batch of his most recently recorded trippy, psychedelic pop nuggets plus an oldie from 2009.

presley has always mixed hooks in with his cheaply recorded psych explorations, making sure that as you listen, you don't just admire his ability to conjure up what the seeds would have sounded like if recorded in someone's bathtub, but that they also have lots of melody & good old-fashioned tunes to latch onto as well. this time out, presley ramps up the hook quotient with bubblegummy songs like 'pink gorilla', good-time country psych rambles & gleaming folk-rock janglers knocking up against his usual high-quality garage pop jams.

cyclops reap