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The Child Of Lov

The Child Of Lov

Double Six


Released: 6th May 2013



Released: 6th May 2013


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jai paul or andre 3000's slick nu-funk is channelled through the raw, psychedelic hip-hop of gonjasufi & gaslamp killer on this genre shattering debut.

'call me up's heavy beats & bass belies a smooth, soulful vocal, gliding over some gentle, meandering piano with sumptuous harmonies. 'heal' is a scorching piece of modern soul funk driven along on an engine of fuzzed out analogue bass, carrying with it a posse of southern fried vocals. damon albarn provides vocal duties on 'one day', which has all the moody, urban feel of a classic wu-tang instrumental with atmospheric, ennio morricone guitars & a stuttering, wonky bassline that becomes something of a trademark across the album, providing a warm, groovy pulse to tracks like 'give me' & 'living the circle'. legendary ny mc doom guest spots on 'owl', a shadowy & slow burning, atmospheric hip-hop track, replete with ominous, chanted vocals & flurries of spanish guitar. 'fly' takes things a bit more upbeat & funky with bursts of brass & huge gospel vocals while closer 'give it to the people' takes its feel from bouncy reggae pop.

The Child Of Lov


  1. Call Me Up
  2. Heal
  3. One Day (ft Damon Albarn)
  4. Living The Circle
  5. Give Me
  6. Go With The Wind
  7. Owl (ft DOOM)
  8. Fly
  9. Warrior
  10. Give It To The People