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Silver Wilkinson



Released: 13th May 2013


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Released: 13th May 2013


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the new kaleidoscopic sound of stephen wilkinson where pastoral meets digital in a summery haze.

even with some of its more unpredictable moments, 'silver wilkinson' offers a scenic route through bibio's music that showcases its depth as well as its breadth, expanding (not moving away from) his breezy, folktronica skills. opening with the dainty acoustic guitars & hazy analogue synths on ‘the first daffodils’, sweetly tumbling lead single ‘à tout à l’heure’ is a blast of fresh air, having been recorded in bibio’s garden using shears & watering cans as instruments, ‘look at orion!,’ moves from his homespun, lo-fi roots into darker electro sounds that are driving without being explicitly beat-driven while ‘raincoat’s electric piano gives an early '70s singer/songwriter feel to the track's pastoral observations.

Silver Wilkinson


  1. The First Daffodils
  2. Dye The Water Green
  3. Wulf
  4. Mirroring All
  5. À tout à l'heure
  6. Sycamore Silhouetting
  7. You
  8. Raincoat
  9. Look At Orion!
  10. Business Park
  11. You Won't Remember...