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terry riley

chanting the light of foresight

new albion


Released: 13th May 2013


a multi-movement chamber work by the minimalist pioneer, a large-scale cycle in 5 sections, rendered in specialised tunings & drawing on riley's eclectic stylistic palette.

'chanting the light of foresight' takes a unique tack both in terms of its sheer musical content as well as its extra-musical subject matter. commissioned by the rova saxophone quartet in 1991, the piece was inspired by riley's encounter with the taín bó cuailnge (the cattle raid of cooley), a story taken from ireland's mythical lore as preserved in the ancient ulster cycle. "the result is sounds that i have not heard previously coming from saxophones & is right in the tradition of rova cutting an alternate groove in contemporary music. when we originally conceived of the project we wanted to leave room for lots of improvisation. this not only takes place in the 'pipes of medb' & 'medb's blues' but in addition rova created the battle music section which is one of my favourites & points to their strong compositional abilities" - terry riley.

chanting the light of foresight


  1. The Tuning Path
  2. The Pipes of Medb/Medb's Blues
  3. Song Announcing Dawn's Combat
  4. The Chord of War
  5. Ferdia's Death Chant
  6. Chanting the Light of Foresight