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hometown hi-fi dubplate specials 1975-79

jamaican recordings


Released: 3rd Jun 2013

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Released: 10th Jun 2013


king tubby’s hometown hi-fi was one the great sound systems in jamaica & proved a fantastic outlet for the dub plate specials cut at tubby’s studio.

the sound system provided exclusive cuts to be played out & to entice the dance’s audience. the tracks at the time were mainly cut over producer bunny ’striker’ lee rhythms, that bunny stored at tubby’s studio. the versions were given exclusive plays at tubby’s sound before some found their way on to vinyl, as the b-side version cut to its a-side vocal, proving so popular that the records were often brought for its version side over its vocal counterpart. this cd compiles a selection of cuts that were all tried & tested on tubby’s home town hi fi sound system & worked a great set of bunny lee’s rhythms in fine style.

hometown hi-fi dubplate specials 1975-79


  1. Dub of Rights - Source: Declaration of Rights / Johnny Clarke
  2. Higher Ranking - Source: Top Ranking / Johnny Clarke
  3. A Stalawatt Version - Source: The Stal-O-Watt / Cornell Campbell
  4. King Tubby’s In Fine Style - Source: Power Of Love / Ronnie Davis
  5. African Sounds - Source: African People / Johnny Clarke
  6. Channel One Under Heavy Manners - Source: Pumps And Pride / Leroy Smart
  7. Channel Get Knockout - Source: Girl I Love You / Johnny Clarke
  8. The Champion Version - Source: King Of The Arena / Johnny Clarke
  9. Stealing Version - Source: Stealing Stealing / Johnny Clarke
  10. Satta Dread Dub - Source: Satta Dread Wayne Jarrett
  11. Crazy Dub - Source: Crazy Baldhead / Johnny Clarke
  12. Dreada Version - Source: Dread A Dread / Johnny Clarke
  13. No Love Version - Source: No Love / Leroy Smart
  14. Hold Them In Dub - Source: Natty Rootsman / Barry Brown (cd only)
  15. Step It Up In Dub - Source: Step It Up Youthman / Barry Brown (cd only)
  16. Dub With A View - Source: Tell Me Why - Take A Look In The Ghetto / Johnny Clarke (cd only)
  17. Dub To The Rescue - Source: Sun Is Shining / The Aggrovators (1977 rhythm) (cd only)
  18. A Rougher Version - Source: Invasion / Jackie Edwards (cd only)