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baby / can't you see


limited 12" ep

Released: 23rd May 2013


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a brilliant & extreme mutation based around an r&b accapella, one that seems energised by r&b's avant-garde but danceable late ‘90s period.

a hiccupping giggle over stuttering rusty engine stabs, & a so-stiff-it's-funky kick & & snare combination, make this a track that works brilliantly on the dance floor by sheer force of ideas & wildness. 'can't you see's' widescreen ambience is held together by epic swelling chords, punctuated with rolling 8-bit spirals, trap-like bass & snares. also included is an instrumental version of ‘baby’. limited to 300 copies.

baby / can't you see


  1. Baby
  2. Can’t You See
  3. Baby (Instrumental)