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old apparatus


sullen tone


Released: 30th May 2013


draws together the highlights of early eps on their sullen tone imprint, showcasing their beautifully crafted mix of drones, sculptured soundscapes & dub.

starting with 'zimmer’s rising strings & watery hiss, rolling seamlessly into the far away shoegaze of 'mernom' & then the warm, woodblock & acoustic guitar 2-step of 'derren'. the mood switches up to the jungle atmosphere of 'dourado', with hypnotising drums & a feeling of panic, before the chopped & screwed march of 'lingle' drops the mood down, the club-footed hip hop & ritualistic astral atmosphere of 'cauliroot', creates a mysterious ambience, before the album hones down into the bell-like melodies & sliding drums of 'boxcat'. 'chicago' opens next with a bare piano & heartbeat thud, working out of the rainy atmospheres, the shimmering drones 'octofish' lead into the vast waves of 'realise', ending the album on a powerful note.



  1. Zimmer
  2. Mernom
  3. Derren
  4. Dourado
  5. Lingle
  6. cauliroot
  7. Boxcat
  8. Chicago
  9. Octofish
  10. Realise