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Frankie & The Heartstrings

The Days Run Away



Released: 3rd Jun 2013


180lp + cd

Released: 26th Jun 2013


on their sophomore effort, the sunderland band once again deliver a collection of infectious indie pop songs, recorded with former Suede figurehead & producer Bernard Butler.

from the likes of anthemic singles ‘Nothing Our Way’ & ‘Everybody Looks Better (In The Right Light)’ through to album closer ‘Light ThatBreaks’, a collaboration with Let’s Buy Happiness vocalist Sarah Hall, which also features string arrangements from North Eastern compatriot Peter Brewis of Field Music, this is a brilliantly catchy record of quickfire indie pop, not too disimilar to their hometown buddies, the futureheads. "a collection of elegantly assembled, fat-free pop songs, made from light and air & heart & great choruses" 8/10 - dis.

The Days Run Away


  1. I Still Follow You
  2. That Girl, That Scene
  3. Nothing Our Way
  4. Right Noises
  5. Losing A Friend
  6. She Will Say Goodbye
  7. Invitation
  8. The First Boy
  9. Everybody Looks Better (In The Right Light)
  10. Scratches
  11. Light That Breaks