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songs 2003-2013

balloon ranger


Released: 3rd Jun 2013


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this 32 song collection charting Brun’s advance from the bewitching, frail acoustic compositions that made her name, to the complex drama of her last album, via increasingly adventurous arrangements & an undeniably restless ambition.

 drawing upon work from each of her albums & including both studio & live versions of some of her most popular songs, It also includes a gorgeous take on Arcade Fire’s ‘Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)’, some new material, a re-recording of ‘This Voice’ that reflects its live arrangement, a cover of the Newley/Bricusse classic 'feeling good' (made most famous by Nina Simone) & An orchestral interpretation of ‘Don’t Give Up’ (taken from Peter Gabriel’s 'New Blood' album), with Brun taking the previously untouchable Kate Bush role & making it her own.


songs 2003-2013