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dinosaur pile-up

nature nurture

so recordings


Released: 17th Jun 2013


bursting with chugging guitars & pop-tinged choruses, the leeds alt rockers seem ready to get fists pumping.

dinosaur pile-up's new album was again written & recorded entirely by the band's frontman matt bigland, who decamped to courtyard studios in oxfordshire with ian davenport (band of skulls) over six weeks to record the album. from the opener 'arizona waiting' the mission statement is clear; take the most catchy elements of punk, the powerful, accessible bits of hardcore & the emotion & dynamics of grunge & merge them into one glorious, fret burningly energetic whole.

nature nurture


  1. Arizona Waiting
  2. Derail
  3. Peninsula
  4. Heather
  5. Summer Gurl
  6. White T-Shirt and Jeans
  7. The Way We Came
  8. Draw a Line
  9. Start Again
  10. Lip Hook Kiss
  11. Nature Nurture