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Lightning Dust




Released: 24th Jun 2013


lp + download

Released: 24th Jun 2013


the duo's 3rd full length finds its inspiration in skeletal synth pop, modern r&b beats, the films of john carpenter & absolute minimalism.

‘fantasy’ is a hypnotic, exciting record, recklessly new without sacrificing the rich atmosphere that makes lightning dust who they are. ‘loaded gun’ is a robotic riot grrrl anthem, while ‘agatha’ stands tall as an ominous lullaby. ‘fire, flesh & bone’ recalls the best cinematic new wave ballads, while acoustic heartbreaker ‘moon’ makes the rest of the world disappear. "an album of ambition & maturity, of subtle shades of darkness & light, of promise fulfilled" 8/10 - the line of best fit.



  1. Diamond
  2. Reckless And Wild
  3. Mirror
  4. Moon
  5. Fire Me Up
  6. Loaded Gun
  7. In The City Tonight
  8. Fire Flesh And Bone
  9. Agatha
  10. Never Again