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speedy ortiz

major arcana


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Released: 8th Jul 2013



Released: 8th Jul 2013


at once dissonant & melodic, noisy yet undeniably pop - On their debut full-length, the Western Massachusetts’ outfit manage a bit of magic by conjuring the spirits of classic American indie rock, while twisting those ghosts into new shapes.

It’s easy to hear the influences of Helium, Jawbox & Chavez on this album, as well as nods to their contemporaries including Grass is Green, Pile & Roomrunner. Sweet vocal harmonies run up against gnarly distortion, aided by basic, chunky bass parts & heavy drums. The album was recorded in a few days in November at Justin Pizzoferrato’s (Dinosaur Jr., Chelsea Light Moving) studio & Pizzoferrato’s collection of old distortion pedals were utilised on both the record’s guitars & vocals.

major arcana

  1. Pioneer Spine
  2. Tiger Tank
  3. Hitch
  4. Casper (1995)
  5. No Below
  6. Gary
  7. Fun
  8. Cash Cab
  9. Plough
  10. MKVI