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The Duckworth Lewis Method

Sticky Wickets

Divine Comedy Records


Released: 1st Jul 2013


lp + cd

Released: 1st Jul 2013


the divine comedy’s neil hannon together with thomas walsh delivers 12 beautifully eccentric, catchy songs on the always fascinating subject of cricket.

a brilliant concept album, touching on a huge variety of musical genres while exploring the beautiful game, from the raga influenced, orchestral psych-pop of 'boom afridi' & angular talking heads electro-funk of 'line & length' to the elo in a music hall styled lead track ‘it’s just not cricket’ (featuring legendary tms commentator henry ‘blowers’ blofeld). other special guests include david ‘bumble’ lloyd, daniel radcliffe, matt berry & stephen fry. a wonderful, whimsical collection, released just in time for the ashes & a glorious summer of cricket.

Sticky Wickets


  1. Sticky Wickets
  2. Boom Boom Afridi
  3. It’s Just Not Cricket
  4. The Umpire
  5. Third Man
  6. Chin Music
  7. Out In The Middle
  8. Line And Length
  9. The Laughing Cavaliers
  10. Judd’s Paradox
  11. Mystery Man
  12. Nudging And Nurdling