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Released: 24th Jun 2013


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red 2lp + download

Released: 8th Jul 2013


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the bass virtuoso teams up with flying lotus once more, bringing a fusion of pop, soul, electronica, prog rock & funk into an unexplored dimension.

from the deep, rumbling entrance of ‘tenfold,’ each of these tracks coalesce with thundercat’s signature bass, his riffs & basslines gliding sky high to meet fly lo’s astral touch. bruner’s vocals & harmonies also soar with open honesty, rising above heartbreak with uplifting odes to love & companionship (‘tron song’) & wise mantras to live by (‘special stage’). navigating dense rhythms & intense harmonic progressions, the lp pushes through the hypnotic strands of ‘the life aquatic,’ the analogue explorations of ‘lotus & the jondy’ (recorded in adrian younge’s studio with drummer thomas pridgen), & thundercat & lotus’ prog rock jam ‘seven,’ a spontaneous improv recording that organically materialised in less than an hour.



  1. Tenfold
  2. Heartbreaks + Setbacks
  3. The Life Aquatic
  4. Special Stage
  5. Tron Song
  6. Seven
  7. Oh Sheit It’s X
  8. Without You
  9. Lotus and the Jondy
  10. Evangelion
  11. We’ll Die
  12. A Message for Austin / Praise the Lord / Enter the Void