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steve gunn

time off

paradise of bachelors

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Released: 23rd Oct 2013


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behind his keen baritone voice, gunn the guitarist masterfully deploys the discursive, deconstructed blues style, at once transcendent & methodical that has become his signature.

this band is tight. they weave americana, folk, blues, psych, improvisation, drone, & more into 'time off'.  close listening reveals the influence of delta & piedmont country blues, ecstatic free jazz, & psych, as well as gnawa & carnatic music, on the continually unfolding compositions. building on his established penchant for charting musical travelogues, gunn’s evocative writing & ductile instrumental phrasing is key to the most songs. ‘trailways ramble,’ is the only instrumental, a sprawling, fluid, densely detailed workout with 12-string & slide guitars, cello, & that unshakeable rhythm section creating 21st century trance music.

time off


  1. Water Wheel
  2. Lurker
  3. Street Keeper
  4. New Decline
  5. Old Strange
  6. Trailways Ramble