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Okkervil River

the silver gymnasium



Released: 11th Nov 2013


2lp + cd

Released: 11th Nov 2013


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a detailed audio-biography, where songwriter will sheff strikes a balance between his roots rock past & his personal past on an album that balances nostalgia with joie de vivre.

‘the silver gymnasium’ is set in a very specific time & place from sheff's childhood - in 1986 in the small town of meriden, nh, where sheff's parents worked as teachers for a boarding school.  sheff imbues much of the record with the (tasteful) influence of  '80s aor excess, especially on album highlights like the expansive & disarmingly tragic ‘down down the deep river’, the bubbly ska & new wave-infused ‘stay young’ & the hypnotic ‘walking without frankie’. it's not all trans-am's & pac man though, as evidenced by the whimsical, 'hunky dory'-era bowie-coloured opener ‘it was my season’ & the twang-kissed, fist-pumping ‘white’. the springsteen-y tones will appeal to fans of kurt vile, war on drugs & lee ranaldo.

the silver gymnasium


  1. It Was My Season
  2. On A Balcony
  3. Down Down the Deep River
  4. Pink-Slips
  5. Lido Pier Suicide Car
  6. Where the Spirit Left Us
  7. White
  8. Stay Young
  9. Walking Without Frankie
  10. All The Time Every Day
  11. Black Nemo