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grumbling fur


thrill jockey


Released: 22nd Jul 2013


lp + download

Released: 22nd Jul 2013


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mutant electronic rhythms bubble & pop underneath swathes of strings - glowing at the centre are the duo’s unmistakable vocal harmonies, which seem almost telepathically entwined.

grumbling fur is the uk based duo of daniel o’sullivan (guapo, ulver, æthenor) & avant pop artist alexander tucker (imbogodom). the songs on 'glynnaestra', have many reference points, from the paean to blade runner on the anthemic ‘ballad of roy batty’, to the distant siren song of the ice-cream van on ‘cream pool’, & even slow burning, molten proto-hip hop on ‘his moody face’. throughout, their experimental pedigree shines through, from the mournful cello & guitar of the title track to off kilter percussion of ‘alapana blaze’. “their hypnotic grooves seem to be complemented & to some extent grounded by sentimental evocations of england’s rural as well as its industrial past” - drowned in sound.



  1. Ascatudaea
  2. Protogenesis
  3. Eyoreseye
  4. The Ballad Of Roy Batty
  5. Alapana Blaze
  6. Cream Pool
  7. Galacticon
  8. Glynnaestra
  9. Dancing Light
  10. Clear Path
  11. The Hound
  12. Harpies
  13. His Moody Face