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Released: 1st Aug 2013


2LP + download

Released: 1st Aug 2013


the duo’s infatuation with the dark side of techno & immersive sound environments creates an evolution of their sound for intense club atmospheres.

‘swisher’ unfolds as a series of mini-epics rather than a string of banging cuts. still, the allegiance to the groove remains absolute. rich timbres & vaporous synth sounds seep throughout the album with a cosmic scope that aligns blondes not only with the german synth masters of the’ 70s, but also the slow burning dub techno of latter day germany – though ramped up several bpms. the heterogeneous textures throughout ‘swisher’ often brood, but ultimately make for a considerate & cathartic brand of dance music. the album’s foundation is its tremendously crafted percussive core & its architecture is the elemental beauty hinted at in prior blondes work, now realised in lucid detail.



  1. Aeon
  2. Bora Bora
  3. Andrew
  4. Poland
  5. Clasp
  6. Swisher
  7. Rei
  8. Wire
  9. Elise