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fuck buttons

street horrrsing



Released: 17th Mar 2008


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180g 2lp + download

Released: 31st Mar 2014


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fuck buttons' 2008 debut was a seminal collage of brittle electronics, post-rock epics, & blistering noise.

the album flows as one long piece while the band finds a surprising amount of variety in the blunt rhythms, penetrating electronic haze, & distorted vocals that make up 'Street Horrrsing's main motifs. Fuck Buttons use noise richly & expressively, but they're far from a noise band; even on the densest, most frantic moments like ‘OK, Let's Talk About Magic,’ a striking melodic sensibility guides these songs. Conversely, the prettiest moments still have a scary streak: ‘Race You to My Bedroom’'s dense atmosphere has a glowing, sunset loveliness, but its wordless chattering makes it equally rapturous & ominous.

street horrrsing


  1. Sweet Love for Planet Earth
  2. Ribs Out
  3. Okay, Let's Talk About Magic
  4. Race You to My Bedroom/Spirit Rise
  5. Bright Tomorrow
  6. Colours Move