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Perpetual Surrender



Released: 19th Aug 2013


Though the record is maximalist in its production (with a heavy 80s influence), it is a deeply intimate affair with an expert balance of tear-jerkers to dance inducing numbers.

After a songwriting  hiatus, Canadian visionaries Joseph Shabason & Kieran Adams re-grouped & employed the vocal talents of Carmen Elle (previously of the much feted Spiral Beach, which comprised of members of Austra to Doldrums.) Elle is undoubtedly the centrepiece of this record providing its emotional backbone  & a human touch to the cold synthetic sounds & wailing guitar solos.“ upwardly-mobile professionals wishing to indulge in sonic excess will find a wealth of hazy gems” - Bowlegs

Perpetual Surrender


  1. Foreign Installation
  2. That Feeling
  3. Perpetual Surrender
  4. Strange Attraction
  5. Anna
  6. Born Again
  7. New House
  8. Curtains