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Mountains Mountains Mountains

thrill jockey

ltd lp + download

Released: 19th Aug 2013


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originally released in 2008 on the Catsup Plate label in a tiny edition of 500 copies that quickly sold out, This is a very welcome re-issue.

Koen Holtkamp describes ‘Mountains Mountains Mountains’ thusly: “One thing that strikes me on listening back 5 or so years later is both how different & similar it sounds to what we are currently doing. While these pieces are clearly more minimal & intimate on some level and our technical approach has changed somewhat, the dynamics between the acoustic & electronic elements remain fairly consistent throughout our releases. Which is something we’ve been engaged with from the beginning and part of what defines us as a band”. “Mountains’ skilful manipulation of texture & space creates a sound that stealthily envelops you like an Appalachian fog.” - Uncut

Mountains Mountains Mountains


  1. The Whale Years
  2. Nest
  3. Millions Of Time
  4. Hive