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Factory Floor



Released: 9th Sep 2013


White Vinyl 2LP + CD

Released: 9th Sep 2013


Rhythm, texture & frantic, multi-layered productions where repetition is key - 'Factory floor' have had a buzz surrounding them for nigh on five years & their first full length on the quality-conscious 'DFA' imprint is certainly no disappointment.

Their reputation is built upon wild shows that mix synthesised elements, prepared instruments & general aural abuse. 'Factory Floor's metronomic beats, insistent pulses, 80s techno apreggiations & industrial drones perpetually modulate, entertain &, in a completed unfounded claim, boost productivity (or at least it seems to in the Resident basement!) . A sensational listening experience that is best played LOUD!

daniel recommends : "relentless metallic plundering of industrial, techno, house & noise, monotony as a good thing”.

jez recommends : "The stark, minimal, and most groove-oriented record of the year, combines influences from PanSonic to Detroit techno, and turns this discerning taste into hypnotic, relentless tracks that send this listener into a dancing frenzy".


Factory Floor


  1. Turn It Up
  2. Here Again
  3. One
  4. Fall Back
  5. Two
  6. How You Say
  7. Two Different Ways
  8. Three
  9. Work Out
  10. Breathe In