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Released: 3rd Oct 2013



Released: 10th Oct 2013


exciting & experimental post rock meets devastating electronic noise in this progressive fusion of techno, drone & retro sci-fi horror music.

on ‘master’ britain’s most intrepid sonic assassins nod to their established touchstones of throbbing gristle, goblin, heldon, angelo badalamenti & slayer, but recent work by the likes of byetone, pete swanson, raime, powell & prurient, alongside a long-standing fixation on the disco stylings of patrick cowley & giorgio moroder, have helped to mark out a gritty, confrontational path whereby abrasive & sparkling electronic textures do battle with waves of incandescent noise & a merciless beat-driven imperative to form a powerful alchemical charge, from the menacing opening bassline of ‘reaper’ to the finality of ‘responder’s kosmische loop & haunting trumpet. “sonically rich tapestries do battle with thunderous crescendos of noise & devilish onslaughts of thumping electro beats…a record of real & rare magnificence” 9/10 – drowned in sound.



  1. Leder
  2. Reaper
  3. The Servant
  4. Black Strategy
  5. Pleiades Underground / Inexorable Master
  6. Siren Spectre (Phase I,Phase II)
  7. Put Me On Your Shoulders So I Can See The Rats
  8. All Human Is Error
  9. Responder