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dream theater



Released: 23rd Sep 2013


an exceptionally energised & profoundly dynamic emergent chapter for the melodic, progressive & consistently heavy masters of hard rock invention.

an album that at once recalls the brilliant hallmarks that have made the band icons to fellow musicians & hard rock fans alike, while simultaneously a bold declaration of a future yet to come. dream theater fixture james labrie’s supernaturally compelling & instantly identifiable vocals soar within the framework of petrucci’s unmistakable guitar wizardry & steadfast co-founder john myung’s rhythmic yet brightly expressive bass playing. the keyboard & atmospheric work of multi-instrumentalist jordan rudess has become essential & integral to dream theater’s sound, while formidable & near-unbelievable drum giant mike mangini pounds a territorial stamp upon the album, his second since joining the band in 2010.

dream theater


  1. False Awakening Suite: i) Sleep Paralysis, ii) Night Terrors, iii) Lucid Dream
  2. The Enemy Inside
  3. The Looking Glass
  4. Enigma Machine
  5. The Bigger Picture
  6. Behind The Veil
  7. Surrender To Reason
  8. Along For The Ride
  9. Illumination Theory: i) Paradoxe de la Lumière Noire, ii) Live Die Kill, iii) The Embracing Circle, iv) The Pursuit of Truth, v) Surrender Trust & Passion