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jeffrey lewis & the rain


Rough Trade

limited 7"

Released: 10th Sep 2013


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Standing for 'What Would Pussy Riot Do?' 'WWPRD' is a call to artists to think about the ethics & politics surrounding what they do and agree to do.

The remaining EP tracks are 'Sunbeams' & 'The Fall Of The Soviet Union', the latter being part of Jeffrey's series of his so called 'Lo-Fi videos' (live performances illustrated by comics & elaborate drawings) on the history of Communism. The back of the EP sleeve is the original comic strip Jeffrey shows when performing 'The Fall Of The Soviet Union' live. "With rap lyrics bouncing between Lewis & his band (reminiscent of his Crass covers album 10 Crass Songs) it’s a conscience call to all artists to reconsider their motives when taking that sponsorship deal or wearing those sneakers or sunglasses pushed upon them by Corporations" - louder than wars.



  1. WWPRD
  2. Sunbeams
  3. Fall of the Soviet Union