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Bruno Nicolai

Marquis De Sade's

Finders Keepers Records

ltd lp

Released: 30th Sep 2013


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some of the finest fruits from an infamous fertile creative relationship between 2 of the most dedicated & productive bastions of the 1960 / ‘70s eurotica genre.

when spanish director jess franco began to work on italian co-productions he forged a consistent relationship with conductor & arranger bruno nicolai, similar to that of argento / goblin & fellini / rota. this partnership is arguably best illustrated on the soundtrack to this version of ‘de sade’, presented here for the first time with a sharper focus on the free avant-garde elements & the previously unpressed heavier psychedelic music that was prevalent & integral to franco’s tastes. including titles such as ‘drug party’, this set of full-length instrumental songs (as opposed to short cues) benefit from the extra collaborative energies of italian studio luminaries edda dell ’orso (breathy onomatopoeic vocals) & alessandro allesandroni (sitar).

Marquis De Sade's


  1. De Sade 70 (Version One)
  2. De Sade 70 (Film Version)
  3. De Sade 70 (Alternative Version)
  4. Eugenie (Vinyl Version)
  5. Drug Party Circle
  6. Criminal Sex
  7. Psycho Meeting
  8. Psycho Meeting (Alternative Version)