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star spangled banana

pebbles 2000



Released: 16th Sep 2013


Whoa! Daddy-o! Here's some 100% hi-octane grooviness!!! the long awaited debut album from these pioneers of the happening sound soon to be known to the masses as BUBBLEGRUNGE.

Yes, believe it! Dirty amps tweaked to a happenin’ rhythm & floorshaking beat, eviscerating the soul of your tired & over-referenced Nuggets comps & bustin’ you loose with some wild grunt & grind! The songs may be familiar, but you will be too furiously wigging out to even care who or what wrote them in the first place! It's an ever-lovin' tribute to the bubblegum greats of yore! The Beatles! The Monkees! Paul Revere! Tommy James! Flipper! & more....


pebbles 2000