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Four Tet

beautiful rewind (2019 reissue)



Released: 8th Nov 2019


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inspired by '90s rave & pirate radio, lush synth textures & exotic, minimal melodies define the club-focused tracks on what is perhaps keiran hebden's best album.

after issuing a steady stream of phenomenal 12" singles on his text label, tracks that have helped shape the direction of contemporary dance music, hebden finally delivers a full length. he further refines the hallmarks of his current sound: 'gong' is like a junglist gamelan orchestra covering burial, 'our navigation' twists organic drums, a heart wrenching vocal loop & sparkling synths into beautiful, subdued techno, single 'kool fm' presents itself in all its glory, the skewed breaks, dreamy synths & audacious vocal sample gelling together to make a techno/jungle hybrid quite unlike anything else, 'buchla' rolls like 'kool fm's rowdier twin while 'aerial' channels the same deep, soul warming grooves & driving energy as 'love cry'. the album closes with 2 more ambient tracks, 'unicorn', which is akin to recent oneohtrix point never cuts, & 'your body feels', a jazzier, nocturnal jam of slow beats & shadowy sax.

leo recommends : "A brilliant homage to 90’s club music & pirate radio, geared for the dancefloor without losing any of hebden's melodic & rhythmic intricacy - in my opinion his best album to date".

beautiful rewind (2019 reissue)


  1. Gong
  2. Parallel Jalebi
  3. Our Navigation
  4. Ba Teaches Yoga
  5. Kool FM
  6. Crush
  7. Buchla
  8. Aerial
  9. Ever Never
  10. Unicorn
  11. Your Body Feels