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wooden wand & the world war iv

three lobed recordings

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Released: 21st Oct 2013


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the killer troupe of birminghamians flit between a ruthlessly economical post-punk side a, scrubbed of keyboards & excess, & a side b dominated by colossal ‘70s style stadium jams.

the lungfish-esque opener ‘someday this child will die’ retains the creepy gait of the ‘blood oaths’ set, but wraps it here in a tangle of three-guitar snarl. the hectic second track, ‘directions to debbie harry’s house’ is even denser: a chorus of screaming guitars under toth’s ominous refrain. the dolorous & lovely ‘complaint dept’ recalls the emotional immediacy of ‘briarwood’: an american twilight with janet elizabeth simpson’s haunting backing vocals shading in the crimsons & purples of the sunset. side b’s grand, apocalyptic ‘our father the monster’ plays like the stepchild of the dead’s ‘morning dew’ circa 1973, virtually demanding lighters in the air. the psychedelic pomp of the album’s eight-minute closer, ‘mcdonald’s on the moon’ features some of the finest guitar playing of toth’s career, a bad-trip opus of serpentine guitars railing against the tawdry omnipresence of commerce.

wooden wand & the world war iv


  1. Someday This Child Will Die
  2. Directions To Debbie Harry’s House
  3. Complaint Dept.
  4. I Hate The Nightlife
  5. Our Father The Monster
  6. Human Instrument
  7. McDonald’s On The Moon