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jamie lenman

muscle memory

Xtra Mile


Released: 4th Nov 2013

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best known for his work with reuben, this double album balances storming thrash-y punk with gentle, melodic tunes & marks a welcome return of a raconteur, wit & one of the best british songwriters of the last ten years.

to showcase the day & night / yin & yang / black & white aspect of the album, ‘muscle memory’ is split into two discs: cd1 brings together the heavier side of life. brutal riffs & intense vocals on songs such as ‘shower of scorn’, ‘the f*ck of it all’ & ‘fizzy blood’. cd2 shows jamie’s strength for melody & songwriting, from the beautiful ‘it’s hard to be a gentleman’ to the big band jazz of ‘pretty please’, to the intensely moving ‘saturday night’.

muscle memory


  1. CD1
  2. The Six Fingered Hand
  3. Fizzy Blood
  4. No News Is Good News
  5. One Of My Eyes Is A Clock
  6. Shower Of Scorn
  7. A Terrible Feeling
  8. The F*ck Of It All
  9. All The Things You Hate About Me, I Hate Them Too
  10. Gary, Indiana
  11. A Plague On Both Your Houses
  12. Muscle
  13. CD2
  14. Shotgun House
  15. i Ain't Your Boy
  16. It’s Hard To Be A Gentleman
  17. For God’s Sake
  18. Little Lives
  19. If You Have To Ask You’ll Never Know
  20. Pretty Please
  21. A Quiet Understanding
  22. Saturday Night
  23. A Day In The Life
  24. Memory