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what makes us glow

state 51 conspiracy


Released: 11th Nov 2013


lp + cd

Released: 11th Nov 2013


a vast hypercolour psychedelic whirl of an album, with intricate orchestration, layered vocals & a pioneering spirit.

‘what makes us glow’ is less electronic than the duo’s previous releases; with more soundscapes & more raw sounds. psapp still relish in combining unusual musical elements – this record includes galia’s snores, boxes of writhing mealworms, snapped dragonflies & the groans of milk-laden cows – alongside the more standard instruments: piano, violin, oud, organs. the album is more organic & fluid, weaving in lurching song monsters orchestrated with home built instruments (including their boneaphone, a marimba made from bones), wistful pop in wolf’s clothing & swampy drones of recorded ambience. these songs thrum & buzz, they glow.

what makes us glow


  1. Life Hums
  2. Wet Salt
  3. The Cruel, the Kind and the Bad
  4. Seven
  5. That's the Spirit
  6. In the Black
  7. Everything Belongs to the Sun
  8. Bone Marrow
  9. Your Hot Knife
  10. The Well and the Wall
  11. What Makes Us Glow
  12. In and Out