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all this bad blood

virgin emi

deluxe 2cd

Released: 25th Nov 2013


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uplifting, nostalgic & immersive, dan smith's metaphor rich prose is set to muscular, '80s influenced, richly orchestrated synth pop epics, expanded here with a 2nd disc of bonus material.

'all this bad blood' is a 2 disc album, the first half being 'bad blood' in its original format as it was always intended to be listened to, the second half is a collection of new songs (three in total), tracks from the band’s fabled mixtapes plus collected b sides from the band’s seven eps. the 'other people’s heartache' mixtapes which are referenced here bore the current single 'of the night', an ingenious mash-up of 'rhythm is a dancer (snap)' & 'rhythm of the night (corona)'. "a really gratifying debut that feels like a solution" 8/10 - bbc "the record is overweight with memorable tunes, epic & intimate at the same time" - music omh.

all this bad blood