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Seth Lakeman

word of mouth



Released: 3rd Feb 2014


deluxe 2cd & dvd

Released: 3rd Feb 2014



Released: 3rd Feb 2014


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lakeman keeps the stripped-back storytelling but embellishes it with a denser, fuller version of his hauntingly melodic style.

Recorded in North Tamerton Church in East Cornwall & featuring the stories of the real people who inspired the album, ’Word of Mouth’ straddles the folk tradition Seth’s music is steeped in & the contemporary folk movement that he has become such a seminal figure of. The sound is deeper & more dramatic than previous albums, in part owing to Seth’s recruitment of his live band: As well as Ben Nicholls, Cormac Byrne, Lisbee Stainton & Sean Lakeman, guests on the album include Leon Hunt playing banjo, cellist India Bourne & ‘Lau’ accordion player Martin Green. limited deluxe version includes bonus tracks, background interviews with the characters who inspired the songs & a making of documentary. "this dartmoor born folk singer's music has moved further from its roots towards a rockier, singer-songwriter sound" 4/5 - q.

word of mouth


  1. The Wanderer
  2. Another Long Night
  3. The Courier
  4. Labour She Calls Home
  5. Bells
  6. Last Rider
  7. The Saddest Crowd
  8. Tiger
  9. The Ranger
  10. Bal Maiden
  11. Each Man
  12. Portrait Of My Wife

disc two (deluxe 2cd & dvd only):

  1. End Of Day
  2. The Borders
  3. Morning Song
  4. The Wanderer / Ken Webster and Carl Baily
  5. Tiger / Reg Hannaford
  6. Last Rider / Tony Hallworth
  7. Labour She Calls Home / Tom Angove and Rowena Cade
  8. Each Man / Nigal Costey
  9. The Courier / Derek Banks
  10. Bells / Ernie Hicks
  11. Another Long Night / John York
  12. Bal Maiden / Jasen Quick