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menace beach


Memphis Industries

12" ep + download

Released: 6th Jan 2014


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Menace Beach are Leeds based twosome Ryan Needham (vocals, guitar) & Liza Webster (vocals / guitar / synths), plus a revolving cast of local musicians.

Written over a summer of endless bleary-eyed bouts of insomnia, the
first few Menace Beach tracks captured the zero attention span & spontaneous, weird-out nature of a couple of minds totally zoned-in to a fuzz pedal & a cassette recorder in the dead of night. After several untreated breakdowns & a subsequent rash decision to relocate to Leeds, Ryan & Liza shacked up with MJ (Hookworms) to re-imagine their crackly 8-track demos. Joining them on the session were friends Nestor Matthews (Sky Larkin), Matt Spalding, & Robert Lee (Pulled Apart By Horses), who fought their way through Liza’s rats nest of cables & homemade synth modules to blast through the songs during another all-nighter, having so much fun in the process that they all decided to stick around.