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sleaford mods

austerity dogs

harbinger sound


Released: 6th Jan 2014


red lp

Released: 26th Feb 2014


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born out of part-frustration & part-accident, this duo combine slack lo-fi electro & punk into a genre-less musical vehicle for jason williamson’s vitriolic poetry.

an aggressive verbal onslaught on all that is contrived & connected to the day-to-day hammer of low paid employment & domestic situations arising from that trap. honestly the music often sounds like a half-cursory backing for williamson’s well-considered anger, often returning to 2 note bass lines, shards of synth or guitar & repetitive drum loops, but this almost adds to the album’s utterly compelling nature. sleaford mods don’t care what we think, or about fitting into a scene or any kind of music careerism, it just is & if you relate to what’s said you’ll likely fall under their spell. “it's chris morris with a class consciousness, laying bare the surreal tapestry of horrors that face the working class in britain today” – the quietus.

austerity dogs


  1. Urine Mate
  2. McFlurry
  3. My Jampandy
  4. Fizzy
  5. Donkey
  6. PPO Kissing Behinds
  7. Shitstreet
  8. Wage Don't Fit
  9. Showboat
  10. Don't Wanna Disco Or 2
  11. Five Pound Sixty
  12. Kill It Clean