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Bill Callahan

Have Fun With God

Drag City


Released: 27th Jan 2014



Released: 5th Feb 2014


welcome to the bumpin’ & rollin’ new soundworld of Bill Callahan where you will find versions of the amazing ‘Dream River’ songs that have been killed & resurrected in an alternate universe, on planet dub.

Dub is a spiritual, abstract, visceral, mystical thing - Deeply rooted in the earth & embracing outer space. these ghostly arrangements make the tracks lighter, trippier & more seductive - a perfect late night indulgence of callahan's dulcet tones. ditch your scepticism, kick off your shoes, pour yourself a whiskey & let yourself float away........ "The tape rolls & the essential arc of each song is unchanged....Hand drums, flute & clean guitar lines all lend sound rich in isolation & light touches of echo, & Callahan’s voice, so front-&-centre on his recordings, works well when single words or even syllables are called out and given light touches of effects" - pitchfork.

Have Fun With God


  1. Thank Dub
  2. Expanding Dub
  3. Small Dub
  4. Call It Dub
  5. Ride My Dub
  6. Summer Dub
  7. Transforming Dub
  8. Highs In The Mid-40s
  9. Dub