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Get The Blessing

lope and antilope



Released: 20th Jan 2014


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a more textured album than previous work, shifting from the atmospheric ambience of ‘luposcope’ to the pulsing, almost nordic menace of ’viking death moped’.

these days the use of guitar effects pedals & other electronic gizmos had become a big part of what the band do. as well as extensive use of delay by the horns, the rockiest track on the album, ‘little ease’ also features the trumpet routed through a distortion pedal, bought for a song on the way to the first day of recording (it also features on ‘trope’). the saxophone is treated in a similar way, producing the theremin-like pitch bends that can be heard on ‘quiet’. this could lead you to think that ‘lope & antilope’ is an effects heavy, raucous album, but in fact the opposite would be more accurate. it does maintain the trademark bass riffs that carry the album through giving it that quintessential ‘get the blessing’ sound.

lope and antilope


  1. Quiet
  2. Little Ease
  3. Corniche
  4. Antilope
  5. Luposcope
  6. Viking Death Moped
  7. Hope (For The Moment)
  8. Trope
  9. Lope
  10. Numbers