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super ape

get on down


Released: 9th Feb 2014


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'Super Ape' offered a series of lee perry's finest 1976 rhythms - a dubwise, alternate universe to his Black Ark vocal hits.

All are bathed in the distinct, murky atmosphere that was becoming a Black Ark trademark, then served up in the form of dub-like de-constructions. Vocals from numerous cuts seem to compete for their spot on the rhythm, while a dizzying mix of horns, flute & melodica swirl around them. Punctuating the song's rock-solid underbelly, Perry conjures startling thunderclaps from his mixing board. Other 'Super Ape' heavyweights include ‘Croaking Lizard’ & ‘Zion's Blood’: thick muscular constructs from the Upsetter session team.

super ape


  1. Zion’s Blood
  2. Croaking Lizard
  3. Black Vest
  4. Underground
  5. Curly Dub
  6. Dread In Lion
  7. Three In One
  8. Patience
  9. Dub Along
  10. Super Ape