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morning phase

virgin emi


Released: 28th Apr 2014


a breathtakingly beautiful, mellow & moving record of country/folk-influenced songs packed with memorable harmonies, beck's 12th album is described as a “companion piece” to 2002's largely acoustic ‘Sea Change’.

it's a languid, understated affair that calls to mind everyone from nick drake to eels to love - the resulting record being one that, like recent offerings from damien jurado & matthew e,white, could have come from any of the past 6 decades but is very firmly placed in this one. highly recommended. "a sleeping's reassuring that beck hansen can still pull an original record as substantive & absorbing as this one out of the hat" 5/5 - mojo.


morning phase


  1. Cycle
  2. Morning
  3. Heart Is A Drum
  4. Say Goodbye
  5. Blue Moon
  6. Unforgiven
  7. Wave
  8. Don't Let It Go
  9. Blackbird Chain
  10. Phase
  11. Turn Away
  12. Country Down
  13. Waking Light