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ben frost

a u r o r a



Released: 26th May 2014


limited indies only yellow lp + download + poster

Released: 26th May 2014


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a pummelling, ambitious & genuinely powerful album - wholly absent of guitar, of piano, of string instruments & natural wooden intimacy, 'A U R O R A' offers a defiant new world of fiercely synthetic shapes & galactic interference.

that might sound difficult or even esoteric but 'A U R O R A' is filled with melodic bursts & glorious crescendos that fans of Tim Hecker & The Haxan Cloak will undoubtedly appreciate. "Aurora deals in intensity, there's an inherent viciousness in focus that I'm attracted to in the music, in the way that sounds are aggressive & command attention & don't just stroke the back of your head in a placating way, but kind of punch you in the head" - ben frost

a u r o r a


  1. Flex
  2. Nolan
  3. The Teeth Behind The Kisses
  4. Secant
  5. Diphenyl Oxalate
  6. Venter
  7. No Sorrowing
  8. Sola Fide
  9. A Single Point Of Blinding Light