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Decadubs 1 EP



Released: 26th May 2014


The first of the collective vinyl releases from Hyperdub's 10th Anniversary compilations - Kicking things off with Mala’s ‘Expected (Level 10)’, a classic, rock solid, melancholy half-step bulldozer, with rich moog top melody.

The 2nd track is ‘Technical Difficulties’, an unusually dark & minimal piece from DVA, all swirling bass & punched in drums at a lumbering pace. Kuedo’s ‘Mtzpn’ is a downcast, rainy hip hop instrumental with splashy high hats & wavy chords. The EP finishes with Helix’s microedited take on Kode9’s ‘Xingfu Lu’, with the original track’s droney melody looped into tight repeating snippets over rugged 140 beats.

Decadubs 1 EP


  1. Mala - Expected (Level 10)
  2. DVA - Technical Difficulties
  3. Kuedo - Mtzpn
  4. Kode9 - Xingfu Lu (Helix Remix)